Created by TaKeyia Monique of Haute Hipsters Media, has tapped into a long-time passion for creating statement tees with a creative edge. With her creative juices always flowing, TaKeyia created Publici-TEES, shirts for publicists, and branding specialists. After a great success of the Publici-TEES, TaKeyia wanted to expand the line and create a collection for people that live a rebellious life. Being a REBEL herself and always breaking the rules, TaKeyia created DIGITAL REBEL! 

DIGITAL REBEL is a collection of tees, sweatshirts, and UNAPOLOGETICALLY BOLD statement pieces; a collection where you WEAR & EXPRESS your inner thoughts OUT LOUD. 

A t-shirt company that practices the art of saying "FUCK NO" to society. A brand that doesn't focus on "being different" but a self-aware brand that speaks the truth, and makes others see their own.


 A little REBELLION now and then is a GOOD THING!