Red Lip & Denim

Why Red Lip & Denim? When I put on red lipstick and jeans I feel bold, daring, excited, and most of all beautiful. However, for 5 years when I put on red lipstick, I was hiding even though I wanted to be seen. When I put on any denim I pretended to be powerful. For so long, I pretend everything was okay. After that relationship (or whatever it was) I had to break down and strip off everything that was holding me back. I stopped wearing makeup for months because I had to learn how to love me and see me without it. 

You see wearing red lipstick and denim comes with a price. You have to own the look. Red alone is powerful. It’s the color of fire, courage, and sacrifice. The color is intense and with reason. Denim, oh that’s sexy, daring, and essential. You could never go wrong with red lipstick and denim, it’s a staple that never goes out of style. 

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